About Joan

Joan Lawlor graduated from University College Dublin with a Diploma in Physiotherapy in 1982. She is a skilled manipulative physiotherapist with many years of clinical experience. She has worked in a variety of settings that include clinical work within private practice treating mainly musculoskeletal conditions, student supervision during clinical placement periods for Sydney University and in various Consultant Occupational Physiotherapist roles. She fully appreciates the emphasis on prevention /management of problems with attention to the postures adopted in work tasks or workstation, unsafe work practices and work-pacing. Joan understand pain science and the influence of non biomechanical factors in perpetuating symptoms. She will determine and treat the cause of your symptoms, implement self-management strategies and preventative measures to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Joan is an advocate for optimizing musculoskeletal health with engagement in regular exercise, core strengthening and developing postural awareness in work or recreational activities. Joan is an experienced Pilates instructor and is passionate about empowering clients to help themselves rehabilitate from injuries through exercise. She is particularly interested in helping clients understand their core, how it functions and how to approach strengthening it. In addition to the benefit to the musculoskeletal system of improved core strength, it can help with incontinence as pelvic floor strengthening is a key element of it.

Joan is a Titled member of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists Association

Dip Phty 1982  |  Post Grad Dip. Manip. Phty.1991  |  Certificate in Acupuncture 1987